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Product Upload | Publishing to Destination Store

Automated Stock & Price Sunchronisation

Automated Order Forwarding

Social Media Catalog Integration

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What do you get? 

Rather than juggling multiple plugins, you can use Berri Connect for product migration, synchronization, and publishing your product catalog to social media

Product Upload | Publishing to Destination Store

Import, download, or fetch product details from your retailer and effortlessly integrate them into your Shopify or Woocommerce online store. If you don’t operate on an e-commerce platform, Berri Connect’s virtual store feature allows you to display your products on social commerce channels such as Instagram, TikTok, Google Shopping, and more.

Automated Order Forwarding

Automate your order fulfillment by directly placing orders on the e-commerce platforms of suppliers, or by sending automated order emails to retail providers who utilize CSV feeds for product sourcing

Automated Stock & Price Synchronisation

Keep your inventory in check effortlessly. Automatically adjust both price and stock levels in real time. 

Social Media E-Commerce Integration

Elevate your social media presence by uploading and sharing selected products across your favorite social platforms and product catalogs.

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