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“You want to sell your products across multiple marketplaces. Connect your marketplaces and manage them from one place. Increase sales, profit and time management of your business.”

Let your stores use Berri Connect

Eliminate product sync and stock problems across your marketplaces and dropshipper

Say goodbye to product sync and stock issues forever. Our platform offers seamless product synchronization and stock management to help you streamline your ecommerce operations. Keep your inventory up-to-date, avoid stockouts, and improve customer satisfaction. Don’t let inventory management hold you back – try our solution today.

Berri allows you to establish a connection with your online store, enabling you to provide marketplaces with the data they need.
By connecting your e-commerce store to Berri, you can ensure seamless communication between your marketplaces and the data from Berri.

“Building a successful e-commerce business takes time. Berri can help you maintain consistent stock levels across multiple stores.”

Connect products across e-commerce platforms

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Product and Stock Sync
Product and Stock Sync